1. "and i said to my body. softly. ‘i want to be your friend.’ it took a long breath. and replied, ‘i have been waiting my whole life for this.’"
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  4. daelio:

    Ah it’s not organized by day, that’s just all the tasks I have to do over the next while. I’m working 2-8 every day this week, have a business meeting Thursday evening, and I’m probably going to book two more evening meetings with clients (ideally) but I’m not sure when. So yeah. Weekends I work 2-6.
    If you’re free tomorrow evening I was thinking of going to a poetry slam at Rise Above if you want to join?

    Oohh, gottcha. Awesome sounds like you’re pretty busy! :) and yeah I’m down to go! I think i might? have been there before. (to rise above, not the poetry slam)

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    Tattoo by Thomas Sinnamond - Seattle USA



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  6. If you consider yourself an appreciator of lyrical speed-rap and you haven’t heard this founding father,   listen and read. 

    Try to keep up ;)

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  8. snorekel said: 4 23 31?

    4: Very little actually. I’m trying to eliminate my expectations of anything and just love whatever comes at me.  I SUUUPOOSSEE Eggnog season.

    23: Fear(s): Not being in control of my own body and actions, that I will lead anything representative of a boring life, that I will ultimately hurt more than I help.

    31: 3 Random Facts:  I have a intense love of digimon, I’m really drunk/hungry right now, I wish it was friday night instead of saturday night.

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  9. idk about you but this cat is freaking me out by how much it looks like a person

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    Biro and ink heart by painted-rooftops.tumblr.com

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  12. Trebel charger is my guilty passion.

    (Literally listens to two songs by them but the nostalgia feels fucking kill me)


  13. anxious-alarmist:

    fun date idea: we both cancel 

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