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  3. I’m just saying it’s a possibility

    What if there’s aren’t many generations of earth left? What if they’re might just be our kids not even getting to live their whole lives because of how much we’ve destroyed the earth. It’s so sad to think of that possibility, but I find a slight solace in one other idea.

    Love and live to make up for all those after us who can’t. Love in this life as much as millions of generations after us could have cumulatively.

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    Because in a blink of an eye, the person right next to you could disappear


  7. irrreversibility:

    boys cry
    girls masturbate
    boys can like pink and not be gay
    girls can have short hair and not be a lesbian
    boys can like ballet
    girls can like video games
    boys can be hot without a six pack
    girls can be hot without a hairless body
    boys can have hair down to their waists
    girls can have stretch marks, curves and back fat

    gender doesn’t determine what you can and cannot enjoy, what you can and cannot look like or what you can and cannot do

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  8. I hate it when people say ‘oh you’re drunk, you’re not thinking straight’ especially around me.

    It doesn’t happen often but I really don’t like when it does.

    I have spent too much time trying to get the logic and reason out of my head and feeling out of my heart with booze and drugs to have them affect my choices and handle on reality. 

    If i’m drunk will I talk more and do some funny/stupid shit? yeah, but I’m always safe and I’d be the first to admit that it was stupid.

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  13. giraffepoliceforce:

    "You can’t just change the race of cultural icons like Captain America! It’s an important part of their identity and message!"

    Jesus: Ah yes.

    Jesus: Can’t imagine who would do that.

    Jesus: What a shame.

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  14. So as soon as I got to the venue I bumped into spencer again and we got to talk and chill for a few.. Pretty awesome I must say. A bit surreal this time… but that just could have been because I was high as hell.

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    Cathy McMurray on Etsy

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