1. Memory Dies

    He gets up, 5 year old hair, messy with grease and dirt.

    He tastes the dirt, he doesn’t know the hurt.

    How could he differentiate comfort and harm, 

    when comforts are nonexistent.

    A primal drive fuels the endless march,

    for hunger, there exists one cure.

    And for this little boy, his march for cure

    Is the soul shattering work of a dog whose never taste a bone.


    An unfortunate reality of the world 

    isn’t something to bore or ignore.

    By definition, it means that we all agree 

    that the child’s situation is real shitty.

    After this track is passed, for some passing trend

    of boredom, or booze or titilating picts.

    As far as you know, the little boy dies.

    But he lives, and it’s only the memory that died.


    I’ll let you know what happens after you press “next”

    The boy, done with work, walks down the street

    Turns down an alley, towards this group to meet

    This group, the boy hears, knows the cure

    to famine, fire, all problems of earth

    “It takes you higher”

    “It makes it easier”

    “You will know no hurt”

    They told no lies, they spoke their hearts’ truths

    But the boy’s heart stopped, overdosed on a truth.



  2. "So he stumbles through syllables, cut from their sentences
    Lost letters call to him, deep in the alphabet
    “Please give us meaning”"
    — thursday
  3. I just wrote this. 

    any crisicism/comments would be appreciated.

    Three bracelets?